-Routine vacuuming every will help extend the life of your Oriental rug. Go slowly and allow the Vacuum time to do its job and life soil.


-When possible move furniture and vacuum in dark undisturbed areas these are the places months like to hide and vacuuming and inspection can stave off an infestation and expensive repairs.


-Weather permitting take rugs outside and vacuum from the back with a beater style vacuum to dislodge loose silty soil.  







The soil in this dust pan came form the foundation of this rug in only 5 minutes of vacuuming the back of the rug. Vacuum the rug back and front multiply times to help open up the pile and remove more gritty soil.

Rotate Rugs 

-Turm rugs seasonally end for end to even out traffic patterns, wear and soiling and inspect rugs for any damage.