Rug Cleaning Beaverton 

We specialize in cleaning and restoration of hand made rugs in Beaverton. We routinely wash antique and fragile rugs and those with unstable dyes successfully. We have the experience to answer questions about age, origin, and value of your rugs.  For some, but not all of our clients these are important questions to determine if a rug is worth cleaning and repairing. 


     We work with Portland's top rug dealers we suggest calling around and asking about is. We have been providing cleaning and restoration for several decades 




Prior to washing, we examine rugs for any issues stains, odors & damaged areas. If needed we stabilize damaged areas to protect the rug during the cleaning process. Rugs are dusted to remove particulate soil prior to washing.  Each rug is assessed for soil content and washing needs and treated individually. 


Rug Stains and Odors

We routinely remove stains and odors consumers and even many cleaners find difficult or even view as impossible to remove and without leaving behind smelly chemical/ perfumey type odors. 

Rug repair

We have several experienced rug restorers on staff. From simple stabilizing of ends and sides to reweaving we have the ability to handle all phases of rug repair.