Woman Rolling Carpet
Is it bad for my rug too clean it too often? 

It can be,  much of it depends on what exactly is being done to your rug in "cleaning". for example,  Hot water extraction, steam cleaning is bad for a rug and shampooing simply doesn't get deeply embedded soil out of a rug.  There is a training & educational association  ARCS (Association of Rug Care Specialists)  set standards of care there are only two companies in the Portland metro area that are members Renaissance Rug and Atiyeh Brothers. Regardless, even proper cleaning of a rug too often is an unnecessary expense. Which is why we try to educate owners how to tell when it's time to clean. 

      Is my rug dirty?   When should it be cleaned?

 These are important questions, the answer isn't so easy. Cleaning intervals should be flexible because no two homes are the same. The level of use, the number of people in a home, pets, heat source, type of filtration, the area a rug is used in a home result in different rates of soiling. 


Does your rug or the fringe look dirty, does it smell musty, does it feel dirty? Bend the pile open can you see an accumulation of soil in the base of the rug. If so, then it's time to clean. 

Use your sense 

Lift a corner of the rug up and shake it does dust fly out of the rug. flip the over and vacuum the back with a beater style vacuum do you see lots of dirt drop out. Then, it's time to clean.